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The Impact of Mortgage Stress Tests on Young Buyers

Recent data indicates that the youngest buyers in the country are affected most by the government’s mortgage stress test. According to recent industry insight reports from TransUnion, mortgage originations were down nearly 8.9% in Q2. As compared to last year, originations from buyers between ages 18 and 25 are down 13.4%. This is the fourth consecutive quarter that balances and mortgage originations were down on an annualized basis.

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Bank of Canada holds key interest rate at 1.75%

On Wednesday, The Bank of Canada kept its key interest rate unchanged as it downgraded it 2019 growth forecast based on its prediction the economy nearly ground to a halt at the start of the year. The central bank also appeared to be in no hurry to move the interest rate any time soon because, unlike its recent statements, the latest announcement made no mention of a need for future increases.

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Self Employed Mortgages – How to get a mortgage when you are self employed.

In general, being self-employed can mean running your own business, work as a freelancer or on commission, have a professional career, run your own farm or any other such entrepreneurial vocations. With an increasing number of self-employed individuals, lenders are still figuring out how to make it easier for them to obtain a mortgage and get the best interest rates.

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Benefits and Costs of Refinancing your Mortgage

There are some good reasons why you want to refinance the mortgage on your new home. Perhaps you want to save more on your monthly expenditures and want a lower rate on your mortgage, or perhaps you want to pay off your mortgage quicker and want to change to shorter term, or maybe the you agreed to a bad mortgage loan and now you want to acquire better terms. Refinancing is the way to go if you have any of these issues in your existing mortgage.

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Mortgage renewal coming up? Here’s how you can save big money on your mortgage payments!

Moving from one lender to another can be a matter of savings, better terms and conditions, service and sometimes an even better mortgage experience. This is an opportunity for you to look back on your monthly mortgage payment and see if it still fits in with your lifestyle and financial situation for now and the estimated term of the next mortgage.

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Private Mortgages – Benefits, Advantages and reasons you should consider a private mortgage.

What are private mortgages? Why do we as mortgage brokers provide you an option to pick Private Mortgage Investing? Private Mortgage Investing or Private Money Lending refers to a private individual providing a loan to another with real estate as collateral. Private mortgages are generally short termed and are interest only loans that can range in length, anywhere between 1 year to 3 years. These kinds of ‘interest only loans’ do not usually require homeowners to pay any principal on their mortgage down, but instead require interest payments each month.

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Prepayment Penalties

As much as we here at Oceanvale Mortgage and Finance wish we could change the current guidelines for prepayment penalties charged to our clients for an early exit from a mortgage, it looks like we are stuck with them for now.

As most of us know, once you sign a contract it can be tough to get out, as long as it is a legal one, and breaking contracts usually come with steep costs and fees. Recently, the way that lenders protect themselves through penalties for exiting a contract early has become under attack from disgruntled borrowers...

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