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When you visit or call us to discuss your mortgage needs, rest assured that you are receiving expert and non-biased advice. Our mortgage experts have only two things in mind while servicing you: finding the perfect mortgage product for you and attaining your complete satisfaction.

Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance, our partners, and our network combined arrange hundreds of millions in mortgage volume annually and as such get discounted mortgage rates. Lenders refer to this as "status." Brokerages that do a lot of volume get rewarded with lower interest rates to offer to their clients. We have top-tier status with all of our lender partners which means that the rate we get for you is the lowest possible - we simply cannot be beat.

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Expert Nanaimo Mortgage Services

Oceanvale Mortgage and Finance is a mortgage brokerage based in Nanaimo that is dedicated to satisfying all of your mortgage needs.

Whether it’s obtaining the lowest mortgage rates in Nanaimo, offering exceptional customer service, creating a smooth process with minimal stress or any combination of the above, our team is ready to help.

Our staff is filled with qualified mortgage professionals who are ready to help you in a way that is hard to find anywhere else. We work in your best interests and offer fair, unbiased advice and opinions based on what is the best solution for you.

As you will see throughout our website we offer plenty of information and resources for your benefit. We are your local mortgage broker Nanaimo. You will find a great deal of information on mortgage loans, mortgage products and rates while also providing a glossary and multiple mortgage calculators to help you better understand the mortgage process. All of this was created with the intent to educate anyone considering obtaining a mortgage for their home or business.

We utilize relationships we have built over the years with more than 50 lenders to acquire the best mortgage rates and solutions for your specific situation. Getting a mortgage can sometimes be complex and even intimidating. Our team is dedicated to making it as easy as we possibly can for you. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, looking to refinance your mortgage, or have an upcoming renewal with your current mortgage lender, our Nanaimo mortgage team will do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Lending Solutions Provided By Our Mortgage Brokers

We offer a wide variety of mortgage solutions for your mortgage needs. Whatever your situation requires, we will provide you with educated advice and give you our honest opinion on what your best options are. Some of the loans and products we offer to our clients include but are not limited to:

Home purchase – Whether it’s your first time purchasing a home or you’re buying a second home, our mortgage specialists guide you and direct you through the entire process. We will let you know what you can expect, offer recommendations on credible realtors if needed, and of course manage all financing required throughout. We’re ready to use our years of experience to help you with buying a home.

Mortgage refinance – There are many reasons why you may want to refinance your mortgage. Perhaps you’d like to switch your mortgage to a lower rate or consolidate some tenacious debt. Or maybe you would like to access your home equity for a home renovation or to take a family vacation. We are here to advise you on what your options are as well as outline the benefits and potential drawbacks.

Mortgage renewal – When it is time to renew your mortgage, your current lender will send you a renewal offer well in advance of your renewal date. More times than not, the rate they offer you is higher than the best rates on the mortgage market. New clients can sometimes get offered more competitive rates than existing clients. We will dissect all of your options when it comes time to renew your Nanaimo mortgage and can help you get the lowest rate available.

Construction loans – We can arrange mortgage loans for clients who are looking to build their perfect home. Once approved for a construction loan you will receive funds at different stages throughout the building process. Once the home is complete, it will be time to refinance all of those advanced funds into a mortgage. This is where our team will put everything together into a mortgage product that suits you the best with a rate and payment that you are happy with.

Private lenders – Perhaps you’re unable to get approved by an institutional lender – that’s okay! Our team of mortgage advisors have access to private lenders that will approve applications that institutions won’t. Whatever the reasoning is - even if it’s bad credit or low income – we’re here to help.

Commercial lending – While commercial mortgages are different than your typical mortgage there are some similarities. However, in order to obtain a commercial mortgage, a different set of skills are required to ensure you are doing it properly. This is where we are happy to help and guide. Our staff is ready to help you complete all of your commercial projects.

Bridge loans – A bridge loan is a loan that eliminates the gap created by two major transactions, such as the sale of a home and the purchase of another one. A bridge loan can help with costs associated with the transfer and provide a sense of security during the process.

About Nanaimo, British Columbia

The city of Nanaimo owns a population of 90,504 and was incorporated in 1874. It is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and has been nicknamed “Hub City” in the past due in large to the city’s design where the streets directed away from the shoreline to resemble to spokes of a wagon wheel.

The original driver of the Nanaimo economy was coal, however over the years has seen the forestry industry became a major player. Nanaimo was actually the first place in North America to operate a legal and purpose-made bridge for bungee jumping.

The city has a vibrant community that is dedicated to always improving its quality of life. Its mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life in Nanaimo by providing effective and affordable execution of municipal services. By the year 2025, Nanaimo is expected to excel as the business centre and central hub for transportation services on Vancouver Island.

Check out Tourism Nanaimo’s website: http://www.tourismnanaimo.com/

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanaimo

Source: http://www.nanaimo.ca/EN/main/municipal/city-council/strategic-plan.html

Nanaimo Mortgage & Real Estate

Currently, the average mortgage loan in Nanaimo is $190,063 with 26.2% of all inquiries stemming from refinance/debt consolidation applications followed by mortgage pre-approvals at 21.4%.

As mortgage brokers in Nanaimo, it is our duty and passion to remain current on all of the newest trends relating to the Nanaimo mortgage industry.

In January 2018, the average price for a single family home in Nanaimo was $522,608 (up from $386,056 in January 2016), spending an average of 26 days on the market. The sale price is 2% higher than it was in January 2017 when it was $512,063 while spending on average 16 more days on the market at 40 days. 

Housing prices are expected to continue to rise as is the demand, which will result in increased prices and lower days on market. It is currently still a good time to buy in Nanaimo as mortgage rates remain relatively low but are expected to gradually rise throughout 2018.

Source: https://www.superbrokers.ca/stats/canadian-mortgages/british-columbia/nanaimo-mortgages.phtm

Source: https://dougbelcher.com/nanaimo-real-estate-statistics/nanaimo-statistics-jan-2018.pdf

Why a mortgage broker in Nanaimo?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance. Our staff is 100% committed to satisfying your mortgage needs, meaning that our job is not finished until you are happy. We have access to more than 50 lenders who compete for your mortgage business. As a result, we can find you lower rates and better terms. We work for you, not the bank, so everything we do will be done with your best interests in mind.

We can also assure you that you will be dealing with familiar faces every time you come in for a meeting.

No matter what your mortgage needs are, Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance and its team of mortgage brokers are ready to help you navigate through your own personal mortgage journey!

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