Picking the right mortgage product for your specific situation is possibly the greatest service we can offer you.

What separates Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance from everyone else is our blend of being a fully operational mortgage brokerage with the very important fact that all of our employees are on salary – not commission.

The security you sense when you walk into your bank to inquire about a loan without feeling pressured to sign is something we can offer. We can also offer better rates than the bank can because of the multitude of lenders that we have access to.

However, it’s what happens behind the scene that is most important. Here is the truth about the mortgage business – some mortgage products equate to a higher commission payable than others. Moreover, some lenders pay a higher commission than other lenders for the exact same mortgage product. What this means is that the average commission-based broker may be recommending a certain product or lender based on the fact that he or she may receive more money for it.

Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance offers a knowledgeable staff that won’t push you in a direction that a commissioned mortgage broker might for financial gain. The Oceanvale staff member that you speak with is going to get paid whether you decide to do your mortgage with us or not.

We are following this business model to ensure you will receive a professional and non-bias opinion on your mortgage needs.


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