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Your friendly team at Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance is about one thing: your satisfaction.

Whether we succeed in that by getting you the lowest rate, delivering top-tier customer service, providing an easy, no-frills process, or all of the above, we won't stop until the job gets done.

Our non-commissioned staff will give you an unbiased opinion of what your best borrowing options are. We combine the service and accessibility of a bank, with the network of a full-service brokerage house. We have access to over 30 different lenders nationwide that can collectively offer every mortgage and lending product above the ocean.

Just to give you a look behind the veil, pretty much every mortgage broker you have ever spoken to gets paid by whichever lender he or she chooses to send your mortgage to. Further, they get paid more or less depending on what product or rate they get you. Now you're probably asking yourself "Does that mean that my broker may have put me in a mortgage that could have benefited them more than me!?" - The answer is, unfortunately, yes. It's possible.

You see, brokers get paid what are called "Basis Points," or "BPS" (pronounced "bips") by the lender that you end up with. 5 year or 3 year rates, fixed or variable, 2.59% vs. 2.64% - all of these things play a role in the amount of commission your broker receives from the lender. You can see how that might "skew" their vision for you.

Our team gets paid a salary, not a commission based on the amount of dollars they generate from lenders. The purpose of this business model is to encourage you to talk to us without feeling any pressure and to instill confidence in our suggestions. Have you ever talked to a real estate agent or a mortgage broker about selling or buying a home, and immediately afterwards felt an obligation to hire them to facilitate that process? We're eliminating that same feeling by employing people that get paid whether you choose them or not. A disruption to the standard brokerage model? We think so.

Call or come visit us to talk about your options. If it's an impending purchase, a desired refinance, an upcoming renewal, a construction project, or even a small loan, our people are knowledgeable, experienced, and eager to help!

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Nolan was efficient and extremely helpful throughout our entire purchase process! He got us an excellent rate that our bank could not even come close to. I highly recommend him for the rate he got us but more for his level of service.
— Alex & Hedy
Oceanvale made the refinance of our mortgage very easy and stress-free. Nolan got us .30% lower than our bank could offer us, saving us thousands of dollars over the next few years. We will definitely be recommending Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance to our friends and family. Thank you for a seamless transition!
— Conrad & Leah
I found Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance very helpful. As a first-time homebuyer and busy working mom I needed someone who could walk me through this process. I got the information I needed without being overwhelmed. The professionalism and responsiveness I received was great and the whole experience was surprisingly smooth.
— Noelle

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Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance’s affiliation with The Nanaimo Foundation gives us a great outlet for charitable causes in our community. With Nanaimo being our flagship location, we are resolute in our belief in giving back to our home city. To ensure this, a portion of the proceeds generated from every loan and mortgage facilitated by us will be set aside for local charity.

Nanaimo is unique in that it has always maintained a small-town feel but has grown steadily over the years. This town boasts culture, diversity, world class scenery and incredible people.

Our charitable mission is driven by the desire to contribute to our community’s over-all well-being, help the people of this city that need it, and attempt to make Nanaimo even better than it already is.

Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance’s goal is to raise $10,000.00 to create our own fund within The Nanaimo Foundation. This will empower our company, our employees, and our clientele to direct good-will to those in need.

For more information about The Nanaimo Foundation visit www.nanaimofoundation.com  and to join our cause, please reach out to us at info@oceanvale.ca


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If you think that what we do and who we are sounds interesting, you might be a great fit for us!

We are always interested in meeting good people and urge you to reach out to us if you believe you would be a good fit for Oceanvale Mortgage & Finance. We are experiencing fast growth and might have some rewarding positions available.

Reach out to us at info@oceanvale.ca today!